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Hi everybody. I'm 21 years old from England, London. This blog is just gonna have someone things i like and things that have made me who I am today. Enjoy :)

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The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


smack dat ass like..

Ah, the memories!
Being white means never having to think about it. -

James Baldwin (via intellocgent)



How to Remove a Tumblr Blog from Search Results: Not everyone on Tumblr wants blog posts to be found by others. Follow these steps to hide a blog from search results and recommended posts.
Go to the Desktop Dashboard and click the Settings gear icon.
The Settings page for your primary blog appears. (Or to hide a secondary blog, click another blog on the right sidebar.) 
Scroll down to “Directory” and look for the setting “Allow search engines to index your blog.”
Click off the switch — that is, make the circle shift left — for ”Allow search engines to index your blog.” A green “Saved” icon appears, confirming your choice.
Turning off this setting hides the blog from Tumblr Search and prevents posts from appearing as recommended posts — now known as “Here’s a blog.” The setting change also puts out the unwelcome mat for search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, asking them to eventually exclude the blog from search results.




victims of the 90’s

Why is Hermione’s skin black o_o ? I am troubled here

Why wouldn’t she be? No where in the books did it say she was white. Also, why the idea of a black Hermione trouble you so much?

Now you know you cant have Black people in headcanons unless the book explicitly says she was a colored negro afro american chocolate ebony girl….



God, I love Tumblr.